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The New TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies: The DLS Advantage

On January 10, 2019, TSC announced the acquisition of Diversified Labeling Solutions, Inc. (DLS), a leading labeling solutions provider.

Five months later, how has this transformed our already robust OEM supplies division?

Meet the new TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies.

What Do TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies Offer?

Through our acquisition and our new partnership with DLS, TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies can now provide numerous advantages to value-added resellers and distributor partners including:

  • Strict control over quality, pricing and support
  • Efficient distribution from multiple locations throughout the US
  • Best-in-class manufacturing practices
  • Quick response time on quotes and orders
  • Excellent customer support
  • Flexibility to meet partner demands
  • Extensive scope of capabilities

The core competencies of TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies include guaranteed:

  • Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Consistency
  • Reliability
  • Performance

The DLS Advantage

Prior to our acquisition of DLS, this B2B label company was a huge domestic player in the world of labeling solutions, with over 200 team members; four manufacturing/distribution locations: Illinois, Georgia, Texas, and Nevada; and over 320,000 square feet of warehouse and production space.

The acquisition of DLS has expanded the supplies scope of TSC and Printronix Auto ID considerably.

For example, DLS specializes in a variety of products that meet VAR and distributor needs. These include:

  • Decorative labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Warehouse labels/signs
  • Medical labels
  • Retail labels
  • Logistics labels
  • Durable labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Tags

Moreover, DLS’s services are both impressive and extensive:

  • Distribution & fulfillment
  • Award-winning label designs
  • Kitting & co-packing
  • Custom marketing tools
  • Warehousing
  • Warehouse label/sign installation

With the forces of the DLS, TSC, and Printronix Auto ID teams combined, we can now offer you a comprehensive selection of supplies that will provide guaranteed performance for any of your TSC and Printronix Auto ID industrial, desktop, and/or mobile printers.

And what’s more, we have also been able to lower our supplies prices through the DLS acquisition, as well as benefit from access to DLS’s strong manufacturing capabilities – thus bringing the same innovations to our supplies that we apply to our devices.

What’s Available through the New TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies

Here is a brief overview of many of the supplies and solutions that you can now access through the new TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies, powered by the DLS advantage:

Media for all Print Technologies
  • Electronic data processing (EDP)
  • Direct thermal
  • Thermal transfer
  • Laser
  • Inkjet
TT & DT Labels for all variable image Applications
  • Papers (uncoated, laser, direct thermal, ink jet, thermal transfer and many more)
  • Films (Kimdura, polyester, polypropylene, valeron, polyethylene, vinyl and many more)
RFID Labels and Tags

Printronix Auto ID RFID labels are:

  • Certified by the inlay manufacturer
  • Inspected to isolate and remove labels with bad RFID inlays
  • Verified after encoding when using Printronix Auto ID printers/encoders, with the bad RFID labels being partially overstruck
  • Guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction
Flexo Labels

DLS offers flexographic printed labels in both 4-color process and PMS match inks in up to 10 colors, utilizing HD digital plates and magnetic dies on a wide variety of substrates.

Digital/Flexo Hybrid Labels

DLS also provides the best of both digital and flexographic printing in a single production platform.

Digital Labels

DLS’s digitally printed labels perfectly complement their flexographic print technology.

The FlexShip Program

This program gives you the ability to enjoy the lowest possible price because we will run your custom product in volume up to your 6-month usage amount…and you are only invoiced when you request a release.

Various Pre-Printed Industry Labels
  • GHS hazardous material
  • Durable labels
  • Food and beverage labels
  • Consumer product labels (decorative or prime)
  • Auto ID labels


In summary, TSC and Printronix Auto ID Genuine Supplies – powered by DLS – is a perfect fit for your solution, providing:

  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities and a large distribution footprint
  • Product and application expertise
  • Full product scope: matched, consistent, reliable, and guaranteed
  • “Total care” customer support from A-Z

About TSC
Since 1991, TSC Auto ID Technology Co. (formerly Thermal Printer Division of Taiwan Semiconductor Co. Ltd.) has been well known for its ability to build reliable, high quality and very competitively priced thermal bar code label printers. With nearly 20 years development and manufacturing experience, they design and produce a broad range of thermal label printers from economic to high-performance printers, and portable mobile label printers. Amazingly, they engineered to keep the Simplicity and Durability consistently in all of their products.