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Partner Event Testimonials

“I recruited my biggest reseller, BART30, at your 2016 Houston partner event.”  Software presenter Thomas-OrderCounter.com

“Good program mix. Interesting new software vendors. Thank you!” Peggy (AMC122) – California 2018 partner event POS VAR attendee.

2018 California event software presenter Juke Slot, “The partner event was planned and setup excellent. “

“I received a contact from Alex from Heritage Business we engaged last year during your partner event in Pasadena. Alex is currently interested in self ordering kiosk.”  Jegil- Juke Slot 2018 California partner event software presenter.

Merchant Service provider, MES403, connected with OrderCounter.com after they presented at 2018 California partner event.

“Congratulations on your 2018 California partner event. It was very successful and you pulled it off nicely.” Christophe Naasz-vendor partner Star Micronics.

“I signed up with OrderCounter.com after your 2018 California partner event.”  POS VAR COM301.

“We appreciate your invite, and hospitality. Truly well done.” Jarred- iPad & Android software presenter Upserve after presenting at 2018 California partner event.

2018 California partner event helped POS VAR, TEK163, connect with SQL POS / Comcash Classic.

Merchant Service provider, QUI116, connected with Givex that presented at 2018 California partner event.

SQL POS / Comcash Classic, software presenter, connected with POS VAR, ADB114, after 2018 California partner event.

“Awesome event” Sanjay Gupta (VRI19M)- software developer attendee NY/NJ 2018 partner event.

Software presenter OrderCounter.com recruited POS VAR, POS218, at 2018 NY/NJ partner event.

“Excellent Work.” Sudhir & Vandana (SHR33S) POS VAR attendee Canada 2019 partner event.

“Great show last week. Pretty sure that is largest, as far as attendance, reseller show I have ever been to. I met several resellers at your 2018 California partner event last week that loved our cube printer,” Fred Hoffman- vendor partner Bixolon America.

Software presenter MicroSale connected with POS VAR, IPO125, after presenting at M-S Cash Drawer 2018 NY/NJ partner event.

“Great Event!!” Cash register VAR attendee 2019 California partner event Joe (INLA11).

“Well Organized, intimate setting, supportive facilitators. Nice work M-S team”, 2018 NY/NJ 2018 event software developer attendee Joe- SmartKart (HIT114).

Android software presenter Givex connected with POS VAR, AMC122, after presenting at 2018 California partner event.

“Very nice effort to show all hardware & software” 2019 Canada event POS VAR Attendee Abdul from BAS707.

iPad POS software presenter Bindo connected with POS VAR, NIT971, after presenting at 2018 California partner event.

California 2018 partner event POS VAR attendee Peter (MAR423), “Exciting Event.”

“I appreciate the networking opportunity that is presented here.” software presenter Chuck -SQL POS / Comcash Classic after connecting with merchant service provider, EXC695, at 2018 California partner event.

“It was a good show. Keep it up.” Tahir (INE120) POS VAR attendee Canada 2019 partner event.

“Thanks Pete,” Kevin from Windows & Android software presenter Retail Cloud after connecting with POS VAR ATD745 after presenting at 2018 California partner event.

Canada 2019 partner event POS VAR attendee, Arpit (CRE260), “KDS and Pay At the Table Solutions are fantastic!!” 

“Learned a lot” 2018 California event POS VAR attendee Tony from KUN157.

“Nice event. Very informative.” 2016 Canada partner event POS VAR attendee Zain from RID310.

2016 Canada partner event POS VAR attendee Hadi (IOS790), “Thanks for the invite, it is very beneficial.”

“2019 M-S Canada partner event was a great event!”  Ryan Allott-vendor partner Star Micronics

“I’d like to thank you for inviting CRS to participate in your 2018 partner event in New Jersey last week.  There were a lot of well-known reseller’s in addition to a lot of reseller’s that I’ve been aware of, but had not had the pleasure of meeting up until the conference.  The CRS table had a lot of interest on the AIO’s and printers, so appreciate the exposure.” Diane Schad –vendor partner CRS, Inc.

“We’re very happy about 2018 California partner event & got to meet many of our customers & prospects. Keep it up,” Lichi-vendor partner Protech Technologies.

 “Thank you for last week’s 2018 California partner event.  Great turnout!!”, Michael Flores-vendor partner Pioneer POS.