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Kiosk demo discount: USD $300 on 17″ & USD $400 on 21.5″, 27″, 32″ kiosk: 12/01/21 – 12/31/22

Available to software developer (ISV) or Value Added Reseller (VAR) B.P type in SAP.

Available to ISVs / VARs buying 20 or more kiosks per year from a competitor.

Available to customers that have not bought same product type of another brand from M-S in the last one year.

Customer can get one 17″ and one 21.5″, 27″, or 32″ demo discounted kiosk.

Information such as software, product currently used, quantity purchased per year, existing source, other products demo unit interfaces with (such as POS units, server, Managed Software programs etc.), company name, contact name, business phone number with extension, business cell, and email address is required.

Cannot be combined with any other rebates, promo, and/or special pricing offered by the vendor.

Vendor approval for demo discount required before offering it to the customer.

Please forward customer payment information and vendor approval with the order for Manager approval.

Request Note on invoice: One time demo discount offered on final sale unit. Customer has agreed that it is Non-returnable non-cancelable (NCNR) order.

*Please specify _REBATE-HANASISLTD (USD $150) and _REBATEMSBUNDLE (USD $150) when placing orders for 17″ kiosk.

*Please specify _REBATE-HANASISLTD (USD $200) and _REBATEMSBUNDLE (USD $200) when placing orders for 21.5″, 27″, or 32″kiosk.

*All Orders must be placed, shipped and invoiced during the above promotion period.

For more information, please contact M-S Cash Drawer.