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Configuration Services Testimonials

An online ordering software developer (ORD154) uses M-S Cash Drawer IP setting and configuration services that require printer connection with their server before shipping.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a software developer meet a 1,000 location chain store need for a longer cable for cash drawers without any forecasts and/or volume commitments.

A POS VAR is drop ship nationwide AIO units loaded with their software.   

An iPad software developer (DAT826) is able to sell iPad docks on Amazon by M-S Cash Drawer configuring units and including instruction sheets for easy installs.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a health care VAR beat a non-value added reseller by setting black mark sensors on prescription printers before shipping.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a reseller win chain store check cashing client who wanted their own locks installed in the cash drawer before shipping.

A POS VAR was able to help their customer use an old terminal by having M0S supply a discontinued custom wired cash drawer.

M-S Cash Drawer loads Chinese fonts on the printers for a small software developer allowing them to sell nationwide.

An  iPad POS software developer (ZEP861) is able to drop ship directly to their customers by us including custom cables.

M-S Cash Drawer has allowed a pet store software company (IDE253) to ship pre-configured printers with software installation CDs, custom documentation etc. directly to their clients.

A table side Android software developer (ONE505) is using us to install tablet case and MSR before shipping.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a reseller switch a major US Government agency to Star printers by changing emulation on Star printers.