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Industry-Leading Cash Drawer Manufacturer

Award-Winning Distributor of POS, Barcode, and Mobility Equipment Channel and Partner Recruiting Experts

M-S Cash Drawer is a leading manufacturer of cash drawers and a distributor of POS systems and peripherals including high-quality solutions from 35+ vendors. We also ensure the success of our VARs, ISVs, and ISO channel partners through comprehensive technical support, system integration, training and education, and marketing.

Touchscreens for Everything

With a broad selection of commercial-grade touchscreens from 5.5 – 65 inches, businesses can solve all their interactive needs with Elo.

Compact, Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

Designed for fast-paced environments The Code Reader™ 5000 Series easily handles data from 1D, 2D, and postal barcodes. Let Code help your retail store thrive with this ideal barcode scanner.

Check Out Pioneer’s Newly Re-Designed Portable AND Mobile T3/T5

These two tablets offer a wide variety of mobility functions, including handheld, countertop, and wall mount options! Both tablets include an integrated magnetic stripe reader, EMV, and a biometric reader. Expandability is offered for additional devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet ports. These tablets have you covered in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare market.

Industry Leading 16″ Cash Drawer With Various Tray Options

  • Fully stocked at normal inventory levels in CA, FL, and Canada.
  • Expanded lead program to help you grow in these challenging times.
  • Flexible terms for financing and purchasing equipment.
  • Fully staffed, remote sales, customer service, and support.

Fast, Compact and Rugged 3″ Portable Printer

Ultra compact, lightweight and rugged 3″ portable printer produces sharp, crisp output at exceptionally fast speed and has a quick-charging battery with long life. Designed to withstand harsh environments and rigorous use. Versatile connectivity includes Wi-Fi 5 or Bluetooth 5.0.

Let Your POS Scale Do the Heavy Lifting

Our NTEP-approved and Bluetooth-compatible scales are the perfect addition to your point of sale system. Our advanced scales have been implemented in groceries, cannabis dispensaries, jeweler stores, pawn shops, and more. Find the scale solution for your industry from Star Micronics today!

The Future of Food Service: Lucki Revolutionizing Customer Services

Lucki: The Next-Generation Delivery Robot – Elevating Customer Service in Hospitality & Food Service. With its AI-powered technology and advanced sensors, Lucki smoothly navigates environments, providing efficient and personalized service. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, hotels and events, Lucki revolutionizes traditional delivery methods.

Convertibility is the Future of POS Technology

The Fusion Hybrid Tablet series offers a rich grouping of both standard and optional IO ports, coupled with an electronic lock that secures the tablet as soon as it is placed on the base. Want to convert it back to a tablet? Simply push one button for the tablet to release from the base. All of these features make the Fusion Hybrid Tablet a versatile yet chic addition to the Touch Dynamic traditional AIO and Tablet solutions.