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M-S Cash Drawer Logistics Services

  • Our logistics services are designed to help our channel and vendor partners alike.
  • Partners can use M-S Cash Drawer logistics services on a pay as you go model.
  • We can coordinate end to end logistics beginning with procurement, warehousing, storage, pick and pack, staging, configuration, and reverse logistics etc.
  • We work with domestic as well as international suppliers allowing you to concentrate on your core business.
  • You benefit from our economies of scale and scope.
  • Channel partners can also use our configuration area, at no charge, to program / configure products.
  • No minimum volume or revenue commitments required.

Here are some of the respective logistics and standard costs. Costs vary based on volume and commitment level:


What it includes: Issuing purchase order (at $0.01 per SKU) for receiving purposes,  offloading incoming shipments from carrier vehicle. Coordination of incoming shipments with your supplier is extra (same rate as staging / configuration services).

Price: $30 per pallet when received palletized or $2 per SKU when received by UPS, FedEx etc. (not palletized).


What it includes: Breaking pallet down, counting, scanning (wherever applicable), labeling, physically moving inventory to correct location. Quantity mismatch and/or transit damage resolution services are extra (same rate as staging / configuration services).

Price: $3 per SKU.


What it includes: Warehousing real estate, insurance, shrinkage.

Price: 2% of the value of SKU /mo.

Order entry, pick & pack services:

What it includes: Entering sales order, shipping address & method per your order at $ 0.01 per SKU, picking items from the warehouse, applying shipping label etc. We offer shipping discounts when shipping your owned inventory.

Price: $2 per SKU.

Staging / Configuration services:

What it includes: Services such as loading software, inserting or removing product literature, repackaging, installing drivers etc.  

Price:  $45 per hour.

Reverse Logistics (Receiving back/Restocking after shipped):

What it includes: Issuing RMA to receive unit being returned (due to reasons such as recipient not available, recipient canceled order after shipping, recipient refused delivery, wrong address not originating from M-S error etc.) for future use. It also includes counting, scanning, labeling, physically moving inventory to correct location. Hardware inspection is available at same rate as staging / configuration services. Any return freight, charges we incur from carriers will be passed on to you.

Price:  $7 per complete order; $1/ SKU whichever is lower.

Things to remember:

  • M-S decision on what we physically received vis-à-vis what was shipped would be final.
  • Request for boxing in a separate carton, or master carton, before shipping can be accommodated for $4-$10 per box.
  • Setting IP addresses, setting black mark sensor, loading firmware or fonts is performed at $10 per SKU (printer).
  • Lock changes are performed at $5 per SKU (cash drawer).
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iPad software developer (DAT826) uses our staging services and drop ships ready to use products directly to their clients.

M-S Cash Drawer started and managed end to end logistics for Intuit POS bundle for many years.

An online ordering software developer (ORD154) uses our warehousing and configuration services for all their customers.

A hair & nail salon software developer (VAR472) utilizes M-S Cash Drawer reverse logistics services to service their customers nationwide.

Android software developer (DOU223) uses M-S Cash Drawer staging area to configure their products before sipping.

Pet care software developer (IDE253) utilizes M-S Cash Drawer configuration and  packaging services to procure ready to deploy kits for their customers.

An overseas manufacturer (Hanasis) uses M-S Cash Crawer warehousing and storage services.

A nationwide school cafeteria software developer (SNAPOB) used M-S Cash Drawer to manage their spare pool for reverse logistics.