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Drivers, manuals, & SDKs

This information is primarily designed to help software developers integrate M-S Cash Drawer with their software.

Once integration is complete, this information can also be used by software developers, resellers, and end users for post-sales support.
All our electronic cash drawer models use the same modules/electronics/drivers.

Once you have integrated our Bluetooth, USB, serial, parallel cash drawers, you do not need to make programming changes per cash drawer model.

Our true HID USB cash drawer interface is port driven and does not require a power supply. In some cases our serial, KSC, cash drawers also do not require a power supply.

Our Bluetooth cash drawer interface is USB port driven and does not require a separate power adapter. In the absence of a USB port, you can use a wall adapter that supports a USB A connection.

Coming soon …

Please download USB dll files/drivers, and review programming instructions /examples listed below based on the operating system your software uses.

Please have your team connect with our tech support at 800-544-1749 ext 7230 or techsupport@mscashdrawer.com. Alternatively, please advise us who we can speak with to ensure the dll files have been downloaded on the computer and there are no compatibility issues with the software.

Once we are able to confirm that there aren’t any known incompatibility issues or conflicts, we can arrange a demo USB cash drawer for your evaluating/ testing.

USB & OPOS for Windows

KSC is also referred to as dedicated serial interface. In some cases, it does not require a power supply/adapter.
KSI is also referred to as intelligent interface. It requires a power supply/adapter.
KPC is also referred to as parallel interface. It requires a power supply/adapter.
A splitter, Y cable, is available when it needs port sharing.

Serial Interface

Parallel Interface

Universal Intelligent Interface (KLIC)

Windows based test Utility:


This utility will only work on systems using Windows operating systems. Click on the Download link and save the file on the desktop. Go to the desktop (windows key + d) and double click on the file to start**.

In order to use the test utility you must identify the type of cash drawer
you are using:

  • Parallel interfaced (KPC)
  • Serial interfaced

– KC (single serial cable exiting the back of drawer, plug to connect power supply)

– KSC (female plug for 9 pin serial cable, plug to connect power supply, set of 4 dipswitches)

– KSI (female plug for 9 pin serial cable, plug to connect power supply, set of 10 dipswitches)

  • Be sure to reset the dipswitches as shown in the utility, remember to disconnect the power supply from the drawer and reconnect the power supply after every change of the dipswitches.
  • Printer-interfaced (Connecting through a receipt printer) either STAR, Ithaca, Epson or Citizen.

If the test utility opens the cash drawer then you may have a configuration problem with your point-of-sale software, and you would need to contact your software vendor.

**Some windows installations might also need Visual Basic runtime files. These files are also available for download.

Download Test Utility
Download Visual Basic Runtime

MS DOS based test utility:

Download Test Utility