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6553 65” (4K) Interactive Display

Elo’s 65-inch, 4K touchscreen display adds interactivity to any environment. Perfect for everything from endless aisle and brand experiences to collaborative meetings, conferencing and whiteboarding, the 6553L offers a sleek, slim design built to withstand the rigors of continuous commercial use. Easily turn the display into a powerful, 65-inch, all-in-one, life-size tablet by adding an Elo computer module. Available with either PCAP (with anti-glare or clear glass with anti-friction) or infrared (with anti-glare) touch technologies, the professional-grade, large-format display integrates easily into any environment.

Part Number(s):

  • E215638 – Infrared (with anti-glare)
  • E215435 – TouchPro PCAP (with anti-glare)
  • E914767 – TouchPro PCAP (clear with anti-friction)


  • Barcode Reader – Elo P/N: E093433
  • Elo Backpack® – Elo P/N: E611864
  • Elo Backpack® 3.0 – Elo P/N: E901355
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader – Elo P/N: E001002
  • NFC/RFID Reader – Elo P/N: E001004
  • Fingerprint Reader (FPR) – Elo P/N: E001001
  • Passive Stylus – Elo P/N: E727568
  • Active PCAP Stylus – Elo P/N: E216215
  • Wallmount – Elo P/N: E282876
  • Replacement Cable Kit – Elo P/N: E283066
  • i5-7500 ECMG4 with No OS – Elo P/N: E227895
  • i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC) – Elo P/N: E228087
  • i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC) – Elo P/N: E725044
  • i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (LTSC) with DisplayNote Montage Software – Elo P/N: E898841
  • Elo Conference Camera – Elo P/N: E277819
  • i5-7500 ECMG4 with Win10 (SAC) with DisplayNote Montage & Launcher Software & Qwizdom Whiteboard Software – Elo P/N: E405488
  • Huddle Kit – Elo P/N: E380925

Detailed Specifications