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Enclosure – Mini for ID TECH UniMag I, II

nCLOSE Apple iPad Mini Enclosure for IDTech UniMag II Audio Jack Reader Secured directly into Mini. Light weight rugged Aluminum enclosure w/ Black Matte Andozied Finish.


Mini Gen 1,2,3, IDTech UniMag II, Heartland POS Alumunim, Anodized Black Matte, Private Labeling Availabe, Custom Colors

Part Number(s):

NCL-MINI-B-UM2: For iPad Mini Gen 1,2, & 3 NCL-MIN4-B-UM2 for iPad Mini Gen 4, 5.


Stands, Hand Straps, Heartland POS, Accessories – Cables, Chargers

Detailed Specifications

Supports Apple iPad Mini with IDTech UniMag I / II Reader, 100mm VESA Compatible, Aluminum Anodized Black Matte Finish, iPad Suspended by spacers and tested up to 6ft drop, Heartland POS Compatible, Private Labeling and Custom Colors Available