M-S Cash Drawer
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EP-127NK Cash Drawer

This is the top-of-the-line media cash drawer. The EP-127NK all steel construction and larger size makes this cash drawer an excellent choice for high volume retail and restaurants.


  • Media Slot Drawer with 2 deck money trays with slots for depositing media into bottom compartments
  • All Steel Construction
  • Black or off-white powder coated finish
  • Center three function center key lock: (manual release, electronic release and drawer lock)
  • Manual release key-lock at right front side
  • Standard ABS plastic 5 coin/5 bill removable money tray insert for US.
  • Standard ABS plastic 7 coin/4 bill removable money tray insert for Canada.
  • 3 Media slots
  • Bottom tray compartments for large bills, sales slips and wrapped coins
  • Stainless steel money clip
  • Compulsory Switch

Part Number(s):

  • EP-127NK-B : 18.8″(W)x18.2″(L)x5.6″(H) double C/D(up&low inserts)5B5C US insert;3 media slots;2 locks;black;bott-exit
  • EP-127NK-B-C : 18.8″(W)x18.2″(L)x5.6″(H) double C/D(up&low inserts)5B5C Canada insert;3 media slots;2 locks;black;bott-exit
  • EP-127NK-USB-B : 18.8″(W)x18.2″(L)x5.6″(H)double USB C/D kit (up&low insers)5B5C insert;3 media slots;2 locks;black;bott-exit
  • EP-127NKSI-M-B-9 : 18.8″(W)x18.2″(L)x5.6″(H)double Intelligent RS232 C/D kit (up&low inserts)5B5C insert;3 media slots


  • 73041-003-STD : Standard US Money Tray Insert; 5-bill/5-coin; fits EP-125NK, EP-125NKL, EP-127NK, EP-125NK2, HP-122N
  • 73041-003-CDN : Standard Canada Money Tray Insert; 4-bill/7-coin for Canada; fits EP-125NK, EP-125NKL, EP-127NK, EP-125NK2, HP-122N
  • 73041-003-8C6B : Optional Money Tray Insert; 6-Bill (inclined) + 8-Coin; fits EP-125NK,EP-125NKL,EP-127NK,EP-125NK2, HP-122N
  • 73041-003-ADJ : Optional Money Tray Insert; 5-bill/5-coin adjustable; fits EP-125NK, EP-125NKL,EP-127NK,EP-125NK2, HP-122N
  • 73041-021A : Standard LOCKING Lid for the 73041-003-STD and 73041-003-ADJ money tray inserts
  • 73041-021N : Randomly keyed Locking Lid for the 73041-003-STD Money Tray Insert
  • 1070-EP127: Under-counter mounting brackets for the EP-127NK cash drawers

Detailed Specifications

Dimensions 18.8″ W X 18.2″ L X 5.64″ H
*5.19″(H) without rubber feet

Ship Weight Approx. 31 lbs.
Drawer Release Solenoid 12v or 24v
Available: Wired for any receipt printer, ERC/POS system, or computer interface