M-S Cash Drawer
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HP-121 Cash Drawer

With sturdy all steel construction and compact design, the HP-121 is reliable and designed to fit virtually any retail environment.


  • Compact Manual Cash Drawer
  • All Steel Construction
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Center security drawer key-lock
  • Standard ABS plastic 4 coin / 4 bill removable money tray
  • Stainless steel money clips
  • Aluminum breaking plate
  • Drawer Bell

Part Number(s):

  • HP-121 : 13.0″(W)x16.3″x4.12″Manual C/D-4B4C money tray insert;Black;MM500 center drawer lock.


  • 1051-4 : Standard 4-Bill/4-Coin US money tray insert for HP-121, EP-102N series
  • 1051-4C : Locking Lid for the 1051-4, 4B4C money tray insert; keyed alike; for HP-121 and EP-102N series
  • 1051-4CN : Randomly keyed Locking Lid for the 1051-4, 4B4C money tray for the HP-121 and EP-102N series
  • 1070-EP-102 : Under-counter mounting brackets for HP-121, EP-102N

Detailed Specifications

Dimensions: 13.0″ W X 16.3″ L X 4.12″ H*3.72″ H without rubber feet Ship Weight: Approx. 16lbs