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The LP-1000N is the best label printing scale on the market today in its class. A feature rich, easy-to-use label printing scale. With its ability to use the most popular label formats, the LP-1000N will be perfect for deli’s, convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.


• 30 x 0.01 lb Capacity • Stores up to 4,000 PLUs • 30 Standard Label Formats • 54 Preset Keys • Legal for Trade

Part Number(s):

LP1000N: LP-1000N 30 Lb Capacity

LP1000NP: LP-1000N 30 Lb Capacity, Pole

LP1000N-CA: LP-1000N 15 Kg Capacity

LP1000NP-CA: LP-1000N 15 Kg Capacity, Pole


Fish Pan (shipped with scale*) – 17” (W) x 11.25” (D), Fish Pan Only – 17” (W) x 11.25” (D), Keyboard Wet Cover, LP-1000 Software Package with 25 To 9 Pin Cable, RS-232C 25 To 9 Pin Cable (Scale To Computer), RS-232C 25 To 25 Pin Cable (Scale To Scale)

Detailed Specifications

Weighing Capacity: 30 x 0.01 lbs
Display Digits: 5/6/7 (Weight/Unit Price/Total Price)
Display Type: VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
Measurement Type: Load Cell
Printing Type: Thermal Print
Preset Data: 4000 PLU, 1000 Ingredient Msgs (50 Char x 8 Lines)
Data Transfer: PC to Scale, Scale to PC, Scale to Scale
Label Size: 58 x 30 mm ~ 58 x 100 mm
Interface: RS-232C and USB
Power Source: AC 110/120/220/240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: Max. 100W
Operating Temp: -10°C ~ 40°C / 14°F ~ 104°F
Platter Size: (inch)15.75(W) x 9.65(D) / 400(W) x 245(D)
Dimensions: (inch)16.1(W) x 16.9(D) x 7.8(H)16.1(W) x 19.3(D) x 23.6(H)
Product Weight: 28.66 lbs
Approvals: NTEP: 92-169/Measurement Canada: AM-5590