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Magellan 9300i

The Magellan™ 9300i imagers have traditional bonnet height with large horizontal and vertical windows


  • Full digital scanning with 2D code reading in every plane and image capture capabilities makes the 9300i/9400i scanner and scanner scales highly reliable, drop-in replacements for most bioptic laser scanners with advanced imaging and decoding capabilities of Magellan 9800i models and Jade™ systems
  • Available with a dedicated Magellan Customer Service Scanner (CSS) with flexible mounting for reading cell phones, coupons and loyalty cards
  • Magellan 9300i/9400i bi-optic form factor is compatible with traditional checkstands and scanning techniques, providing an attractively priced alternative to the Magellan 9800i scanner/scale
  • Available with factory installed scales in pre-verified and on-site certifiable versions and models for integration with local scale manufacturer solutions
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI
  • Optional Digimarc® Barcode Reading (9400i series only)

Part Number(s):

  • MGL93,Scanner scale,English w/display,Long sapphire platter w/fixed produce rail/flange mount,US single interval/English,Std processing,English single display/single interval, Retail USB cable/OEM USB,Pot,4.6m: DTL-9320250010010053
  • MGL93,Scanner scale,English no display,Long sapphire platter w/fixed produce rail/flange mount,US single interval/English,Std processing,US brick & cord,RS232 cable/ICL9620,NCR PC: DTL-932015001000023


  • CBL RS232 ICL PC 4.5M MGL9800i (for barcode scanner part of the scale) DTL-90A052121
  • PWR ADP, 12V/18W, PSAA18U-120(D6)-R DTL-90ACC0194
  • Power Cord, 110V, US, Standard, 3 Prong DTL-6003-0941
  • Kit, Remote Scale Display, English, Single Head, Single Interval, US/Canada/Puerto Rico Kit, Remote Scale Display, English, Single Head, Single Interval, US/Canada/Puerto Rico 90ACC0102
  • Kit, Remote Scale Display, English, Dual Head, Single Interval, US/Canada/Puerto Rico Kit, Remote Scale Display, English, Dual Head, Single Interval, US/Canada/Puerto Rico 90ACC0103

Detailed Specifications


  • 1D / Linear Codes: Autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes.
  • Stacked Codes: EAN/JAN Composites; GS1 DataBar Composites; GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked; GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional; MicroPDF417; PDF417; UPC A/E Composites
  • 2D Codes: Aztec Code; Data Matrix; QR Code, Micro QR Code
  • Digital Watermarks: Optional support for Digimarc® Barcode (9400i series


  • AC Power Requirements: AC Input: 100 – 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz; Power Consumption: Operating (Nominal): 12 Watts Sleep Mode: 11 Watts


  • Ambient Light: 0-86,080 lux
  • ESD Protection (Air Discharge): 25 kV
  • Humidity (Non-Condensing): 5 – 95%
  • Temperature: Operating: 10 to 40 °C / 50 to 104 °F; Storage/Transport: -40 to 70 °C / -40 to 158 °F


  • Auxiliary Ports: Powered RS-232; Remote Scale Display; EAS Controller Ports; Sensormatic, Interlock; Powered USB Host (Type A) (x2)
  • Multi-Interface: RS-232 / IBM 46XX / USB Multi-Interface:
    OEM (IBM) USB Plus Power (Scanner and Scale);
    RS-232 (Scanner) / RS-232 (Scale);
    RS-232 (Scanner) or Single Cable RS-232 (Scanner and Scale)
  • Remote Management Capabilities: Diagnostic Reporting; WMI (OPOS and JavaPOS) and MBeans (JavaPOS) compliant Host Download; Supports IBM Systems Director®, Wavelink® Avalanche® and other ERP management solutions


  • All-Weighs Scale Platter: Integrated horizontal and vertical scale platter surfaces increase active weighing area for easy, accurate weighing of large items.
  • ScaleSentry Shrink Monitoring / Prevention System: Configurable audio / visual indicators identify items placed outside weighing surface
  • EAS Features: Sensormatic: Datalogic SmartSentry™ Firmware technology interfaces with the Sensormatic AMB-9010/IPS and ScanMax® Pro EAS Deactivation Controllers with AMB-5194 antenna; Good Read / EAS Status Indicators


  • Magellan Scale Technology: Checkpoint Systems: Integrated EAS hardware will
    work with Counterpoint IX and Evolve D11 models; Sensormatic: Good Read Acknowledgement
  • Dual Interval Scale: Minimum Increment: Range 1: 0.002 kg / 0.005 lb; Range 2: 0.005 kg / 0.010 lb; Scale Capacity: Range 1: 0 – 6.0 kg / 0 – 15.0 lb; Range 2: 6.0 – 15.0 kg / 15.0 – 30.0 lb
  • Single Interval Scale: Minimum Increment: 0.005 kg / 0.010 lb; Scale Capacity: 0 – 15.0 kg / 0 – 30.0 lb


  • Dimensions:
    Depth (Below Counter): 10.2 cm / 4.0 in
    Height (Above Counter): 13.0 cm / 5.1 in
    Length (By Model):
    939401 (Short, Scanner Only): 35.6 cm / 14.0 in
    939403 (Medium, Scanner Only): 40.1 cm / 15.8 in
    939405 (Long, Scanner Only): 50.8 cm / 20.0 in
    939404 (Medium, Scanner/Scale): 40.1 cm / 15.8 in
    939406 (Long, Scanner/Scale): 50.8 cm / 20.0 in
    Width: 29.2 cm / 11.5 in
  • Indicators:
    Volume; Supports WAV file formats
    Visual: Good Read confirmation for all reading planes;
    Scale center of zero; ScaleSentry event;
    Sensormatic EAS status


  • Image Capture: Horizontal and Vertical Window: Graphic Formats: BMP, JPEG; Greyscale: 256, 16, 2
  • Illumination: Multiple Diffused LEDs: Orientation and wavelength optimized for eye comfort
  • Reading Coverage: Seamless reading of linear and 2D codes in all planes (5 sides plus Customer Service Scanner)


  • Agency Approvals: The product meets necessary safety and regulatory
    approvals for its intended use. The Quick Reference Guide for this product can be
    referred to for a complete list of certifications.
  • Environmental Compliance: Complies to China RoHS; Complies to EU RoHS;
    Complies to R.E.A.C.H. – EC1907/2006


  • Scanalyzer™: Utility Scanalyzer On-Screen Programming (OSP) configuration software is available for download at no charge.
  • OPOS / JavaPOS: OPOS and JavaPOS utilities are available for download at no charge.