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The mC-Print3 is the mCollection’s 3-inch POS printer. Star’s compact mC-Print3 is 40% smaller than the TSP650II. The mC-Print3 provides an IPX2-rated splash-proof design, as well as front-loading paper loading with exceptional functionality. This 3-inch thermal printer offers multiple connectivity options including USB, Lightning, Bluetooth, LAN, and CloudPRNT/WebPRNT. The 5 connections are all a part of the mC-Print3 model, making the printer adaptable to any future POS system changes. Additionally, the multiple connectivity options all for the easy integration of common software.

mC-Print3’s hub functionality allows for the USB connectivity of up to 3 peripherals. The peripherals available for the mCollection® includes 3 mG-Scales, 1D & 2D scanners, cash drawers, line displays, and kitchen buzzers. Every component of the mCollection was designed to be chic, compact, and consistent to allow for a unified look in any business environment.

SteadyLAN™, available on certain mC-Print3 models and designed for iOS, provides direct cabled control of the printer and attached peripherals, as well as Ethernet provision to the tablet, from the wired Ethernet port of the printer (iOS10 or later required). SteadyLAN is available on the following mC-Print3 models: mCP31L and mCP31LB.

Many of these same features are also available in the smaller more compact mC-Print2.


Sleek, Compact, Connected
– Simple User Experience
– Easy to Integrate through common SDK
– Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, LAN, cloudPRNT
– Cloud Ready for Star Micronics PromoPRNT and AllReceipts

Part Number(s):

MCP31L WT US – 39651010
MCP31L BK US – 39651110
MCP31LB WT US – 39651210
MCP31LB BK US – 39651310
MCP30 BK US – 39654110
MCP30 WT US – 39654010


1D/2D Imager, 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner, Customer Display, mG-Scales

Detailed Specifications

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