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nClose, Inc

nCLOSE is a technology company that designs, prototypes and manufactures tablet POS enclosures, mounts, charging circuits, custom cable harnesses and accessories for any business looking to accept payments or utilize mobile devices.

nCLOSE custom designs, streamline and enhance functionality between two or more devices to help them function as one. nCLOSE uses customer specific tablet models and payment devices (EMV, Chip + MSR, MSR, NFC, etc), barcode scanners and more all while creating a sexy, sleek and functional solution or modular design for our customers’ needs.

nCLOSE offers rapid design, prototyping and manufacturing in CNC, plastic injection and electrical engineering including custom charging circuits and adapters.

At nCLOSE, we make your dreams a reality by using the existing infrastructure you have (tablet, reader, processor, etc.) and creating a solution to meet those specific needs; plus when combined with our other modular products enabling the ability to make complete solutions quickly, easily and less expensive.

nCLOSE offers Private labeling and custom colors options.