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Sleek yet robust, the EVO TP6 is an enterprise grade Point of Sale terminal designed for today’s POS market. A fanless design and optional wall mounting allow for installation in any location.


Versatile Platform, Multiple CPU Options, Resilient Touch Display, 3 Year Advance Replace Warranty, Fan-Less Design

Part Number(s):

EVO-TP6D-34VF, EVO-TP6D-34VG, EVO-TP6D-34VN, EVO-TP6D-38VF, EVO-TP6D-38VG, EVO-TP6D-38VG-W, EVO-TP6D-54VF, EVO-TP6D-54VG, EVO-TP6D-54VN, EVO-TP6D-58VF, EVO-TP6D-58VG, EVO-TP6D-F4VF, EVO-TP6D-F4VG, EVO-TP6D-F4VN, EVO-TP6D-F8VF, EVO-TP6D-F8VG, EVO-TP6D-F8VN, EVO-TP6D-P4VF, EVO-TP6D-P4VG, Additional configurations available, contact your sales rep for details.


EVO-BR6: Integrated fingerprint reader for EVO-TP6, EVO-MR6: 3 Track MSR for EVO TP6, EVO-RD6-LCD8: 8.4″ Rear LCD for EVO TP6, EVO-RD6-LCM: 2-line customer display for EVO TP6, EVO-EMV6-AUG1: Augusta EMV Reader Mount for the EVO-TP6, ZOE-TPC3: NEXT BUSINESS DAY PROTECTION (POS Terminal / Android Device), ZOE-TPC5: NEXT DAY PROTECTION + 2 YEARS (POS Terminal / Android Device), ZWE-TPC: 2 YEAR WARRANTY EXTENSION (POS Terminal / Android Device)

Detailed Specifications

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