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iPCS Isolated Power Control Station


  • Emergency power during a power outage
  • TBF™ Electronic Power Conditioning
  • Receptacles controlled from remote location
  • Auto reboot of non-responsive connected equipment


  • Blackouts – With battery backup
  • Spikes and surges – With TBF™ Technology
  • Under or over voltage fluctuations – With voltage regulation
  • Lightning – With surge protection


  • Increase uptime
  • Save money on power related service calls
  • Improve business productivity
  • Protected equipment lasts longer


Independent Controllable Outlets

• Independent remote switchable outlets to turn on/off/reboot connected devices to prevent data loss or corruption.
All from a remote and central location
• Outlets can be turned on in sequence
• Battery and TBF™ protected outlets

Full Control via LCD display

• Easy-to-read LCD display provides information about power conditions
• The LCD display will show how much time is left before the UPS will turn back on or shut down
• Unit can be controlled via LCD display and via software
• Fully monitored and controlled over Network/Internet

Realtime Network Monitoring and Notifications

• Remote management and configuration via Web Browser, NMS
• Event logging to trace the operation’s history
• Graphic data logging to analyze power conditions
• Event notifications via Email, SNMP traps
• It has the ability to set up for an alert when the battery is in need of replacement
• Supports Environmental Sensor (optional)
• Advanced Enterprise power management software

Light and Versatile

• Unit is light enough to be installed in Under Counter Configuration

Cord Organization

• Keep your racks organized and cables plugged in with the organizing tray.
It will prevent cables from being disconnected.
• It also features color-coded outlets.

Intelligent detection and Automatic Restart of Locked-up Equipment

• The iPCS can detect and monitor connected equipment over the network and is able to automatically restart unresponsive equipment by turning that particular receptacle off and on.

Catastrophic Event Protection

• If a catastrophic event happens, the only part affected will be the On-Cord Electronic Power Conditioner thus saving the connected equipment and the rest of the unit.


• Electronic power conditioner TBF™
• Line interactive / pure sine wave output design
• 8 independent remote switchable outlets to on/off/reboot connected devices through the network interface. All outlets are UPS-TBF protected
• Fully informative LCD display to show power loads and UPS stats.
• Automatic voltage regulator (AVR and battery backup in one unit)
• Power management software with network monitoring capability with diagnostic and battery check
• Short circuit and overload protection
• Tel/Network (RJ11/RJ45) protection
• HID USB and Smart RS232 communications port
• User replaceable UPS battery
• SNMP network management capability
• EPO (Emergency Power Off) capable
• Two year warranty – Optional extended warranty

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Detailed Specifications

Capacity (VA / Watts): 750VA / 600W
Rated Power Factor: 0.8

Input Voltage Range: 82-148Vac
Frequency Range: 60Hz ± 3Hz

On Battery Output Voltage: Sine Wave at 100-127Vac ±10%
On Battery Output Frequency: 60Hz ± 1Hz
Overload Protection: Yes

Transient Let-Through Voltage: <0.5V Common Mode (N-G) / <10V Normal Mode (L-N). Smart Power Systems is the only one that publishes N-G Pass Through Voltage

Boost Function: Yes
Buck Function: Yes

Receptacles: 8-NEMA 5-15R (Battery & power conditioning) 8 x remote switchable outlet banks
Maximum Dimensions (HxDxW): 3.5 x 16.9 x 22
Weight: 25.20 Lbs / 11.44 Kg

Form Factor: Rack-mount, Tower and Under Counter Configuration

Sealed Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Battery: 12Vdc
Typical Recharge Time: Rack-mount, Tower and Under Counter Configuration
Estimated Battery Mode Runtime: 6 min 42 sec (at 50% load)