M-S Cash Drawer


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Become a Reseller Contact
(800) 544-1749


Hybrid keyboard machine with 72 flat departments keys, two (2) COM ports, SD Card slot for program backup/restore, medium sized cash drawer, dual station thermal printer and a 10-line blue back ground operator LCD display.


  • 1. Guest check tracking
  • 2. Integrated credit interface with PAX
  • 3. Arrangement key programming
  • 4. Bluetooth communications with Casio mobile phone app for sales reporting and programming
  • 5. Dual station thermal printer 6. Cashier detail tracking


CTR-55 – coin tray CVK-LLL3 – 2 X 2 key set CVK- S3 – 1 X 1 key set

Detailed Specifications

The SR-C4500 flay keyboard with 72 key position allows business owners to assign the frquently sold item on physical keys to speed up operations. The guest check file allows medium to small sized businesses to store customer tabs, add to and print for presentation. The Bluetooth port will communicate to a casio mobile app running on an Android or Iphone. Through this app sales information can be retrieved from the ECR and sent to the Cloud for histrorical reporting. The mobile app will also allow the programming of the ECR to be done on the mobile phone and send it to the machine.