M-S Cash Drawer


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Become a Reseller Contact
(800) 544-1749


A 15.6″ wide screen thinly designed Android touch terminal attached to an adjustable pedastal. Multiple communication ports allow a variety of peripherals to connect.


  • 1. Touch screen offers VESA mounting specifications for wall and kiosk mounting
  • 2. Three serial ports for variety of peripheral connectivity
  • 3. HDMI port for a customer facing display
  • 4. Two SD Card slots for data storage and retrieval
  • 5.Two cash drawer ports and expansion to allow two additional drawers (4 max)
  • 6. Casio Android version limits access to different areas on the internet to avoid virus down loads


DL-2436 – Mid-sized cash drawer DL-3624 – Large cash drawer CTR-55 – cash till for DL-2436 CTRD – cash till for DL-3624

Detailed Specifications

The V-R7000 with Casio Chapp software offers a variety for the hospitality industry that include a customer file for loyalty, charge accounts and reservations. Graphical table maps, call-in order file and store & recall for drive thru’s are ways customer orders can be tracked. Time & attendance with scheduling and payrates is standard on the software along with the ability of clocking in/out and signing on through finger print recognition. An interface to ITC Systems that will allow college campuses, corporate and hospital cafeterias to track declining/inclining balances and offering payroll deductions. Other interfaces include kitchen video, video surveillance, scale, scanner and remote printers.